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Winter home maintenance to air out home or not?

Is indoor pollution an issue in homes in winter months? According to the lung association, yes, part of ongoing maintenance should include a winter air out.  Check out this article on your home making you sick HERE  Canadians spend 80 to 90% of their time indoors. Air quality in our homes is important, particularly during those cold winter months. We inadvertently pollute our homes when we burn in fireplaces, use scented candles, cleaning products and cook all those holiday meals. Most of us go from our homes, to our cars or transit off to our office where we also stay
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New Year declutter!

Many people set resolutions, one of the most popular is getting organized and decluttering.Mess causes stress, we all know that but the process of decluttering can be daunting for many. Clutter is anything in your home that does not create value for you in your life. Less clutter means less time trying to find the things you do need! Once the cutter is cleared away, you have more space for the things you actually want in your home. You may want to tackle the home clutter room by room rather than as one big home project. In order to make
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