Best Sledding Hills in Calgary

Calgary, with its picturesque landscapes and snowy winters, offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor winter activities. One of the most beloved pastimes during the colder months is sledding. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking for family fun, Calgary and its surrounding areas boast fantastic sledding hills. Please note that the City of Calgary has approved sledding hills, which stress safety at all locations. Here are the best ones to explore that are City of Calgary-approved:

In the Northeast:

Big Marlborough Park

There’s no secret to Big Marlborough Park’s name – it’s enormous! Not only does it have a fantastic hill surrounded by a community centre and not one, not two, but three schools, it also has fire pits and an outdoor ice rink.

Prairie Winds Park

Prairie Winds Park has a few hills to offer sledders – a big one for big kids (and adults) and smaller slopes for kids who aren’t ready for the more significant slides. The big hill is long and steep and paired with the planes taking off and landing, it’s an exhilarating feeling. You can find Prairie Winds Park in the community of Castleridge.

In the Northwest:

Confederation Park

Another gem, just off 14th Street, is Confederation Park. Known for its scenic beauty year-round, it transforms into a snowy playground during the winter. The gently sloping hills are perfect for sledding, and the park’s large open spaces ensure plenty of room for everyone. The park’s accessibility makes it a convenient choice for a day of winter fun.

Hidden Valley

If you’re finding walking up the hill after you’ve sled down a challenge, check out the hill at Hidden Valley. While the climb may be steep, sledders can find some pathways with a more gentle incline as they make their way for rounds two, five, seven, or fifteen.

In the Southeast:

McKenzie Towne

Calgary sits in the transition zone between the mountains and the prairies, so while magnificent hills may be rare, it can be no surprise that an almost 300-foot sledding hill exists in the city! That hill is Elgin Hill in McKenzie Towne. How many times can a person go down a 300-foot hill? You tell me!

Maple Ridge

We can’t all be zipping down a steep hill at top speeds, and that’s why Maple Ridge is a good option. Maple Ridge has a variety of hills to suit your entire family, running out onto a dry pond, so there’s no concern about what sledders could run into at the bottom of their run.

In the Southwest:

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a favourite spot among Calgarians, mainly due to its size. Despite the steep hill in the centre, it is wide enough that sledders can pick their starting spot, giving them the right mix of adrenaline and safety.

Signal Hill

When a community names itself after a hill, you’d better believe it’s got a good sledding spot! This location is a great option, surrounded by houses and a hill less steep than the others mentioned. Sledders won’t have to worry about screeching to a stop at the very bottom because this hill has a nice long, flat stretch to leisurely come to a stop, take a breath, and then get right back up for another round.

Calgary and its surrounding areas offer a diverse range of sledding hills, catering to casual sledders and those looking for a more structured experience. No matter what part of the city you explore, there’s a sledding hill for everyone of all ages to enjoy during the winter months. As a bonus, many of these parks have more amenities than just hills to sled on, so bring some ice skates or enjoy the outdoor features the parks offer.



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