Decluttering your home can be a great way to start the new year. Many people set resolutions, one of the most popular is getting organized and decluttering.

Mess causes stress, we all know that but the process of decluttering can be daunting for many.

Clutter is anything in your home that does not create value for you in your life. Less clutter means less time trying to find the things you do need! Once the cutter is cleared away, you have more space for the things you actually want in your home.

You may want to tackle the home clutter room by room rather than as one big home project.

In order to make room for things you want to keep but not out in the house proper, start in the garage.

You may want to have a full day at home to start the garage. Garages can be larger and a catchall for items that never seem to have a place in the house.

Start with the benches or shelving units you may have in the garage.

Create 4 Piles;
Keep (things that should be in a garage, tools, car maintenance supplies and storage)
Toss (we all hold onto things, try to remember things are not memories)
Storage (holiday decorations)

It is helpful to go through the keep pile again and re sort it, often you will find that there is more in that pile that you want to get rid of!

Once you have the keep pile, put everything away where it belongs. Tools in tool boxes, extra appliances within reach so you can use them. Camping gear up on high shelves.

Get rid of the toss items right away so you are not tempted to pull things out and bring back into the house!

Repack the items you are going to store, label the outside of the boxes or containers so you can get to them.

Donate & Recycle
You will want to take these items out of your home right away, so that again, you are not tempted to keep items you don’t need.
Follow these steps for each room in your home. It can be simpler to declutter the room first, then go through the closets. This way you get the satisfaction of the spaciousness of the room which will then encourage more decluttering of the items in the closet.

You may want to include your entire family in the process.

However you decide to do the process ensure you have enough time. Make a list of what you want to declutter and create the time to do it right.

Our homes should be a place of peace and rest. Decluttering allows room for the things you love.