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There is a good chance that any trends in place when you first bought your house have evolved. What worked to pique your fancy with the home you’re now selling may be different from what draws new eyes to the house. Knowing the current trends in home staging will help you understand what to do when putting your home on the Calgary Real Estate Market.


Coming from a time when a home was everything for homeowners because we couldn’t go anywhere, the need for versatility and liveability in the home has remained. Consider the office space in the house. Is it a comfortable space to work in with up-to-date technology ports and enough lighting for online video calls? Does it flow with the rest of the home?


Zen is a style that may never go out of fashion, so it is still a trend to keep an eye on. It lets in as much natural lighting as possible ( a good tip for staging a home, regardless of current trends). Neutral spaces and natural colours evoke relaxation and calm, so minimal, bold artwork is vital to the room’s atmosphere. One needs to declutter and emphasize the organization more than ornaments to zen up a room.

Embracing Nature

Bringing natural elements into the space, like plants, evoke the feeling of better health and wellness. To have more of a natural look, bring in more plants and greenery, such as hanging plants and indoor gardens. Be sure to also keep in mind the kind of material used in furniture, adding pieces of natural wood to add the element of the outdoors. Of course, with more plants, the necessity for natural lighting almost goes without saying.

Mix and Match

This trend is for those who want to embrace more flexibility and step away from what could be considered rigidity. Of course, the amount of forethought and planning is the key to perfecting this trend, preventing rooms and furniture from looking unprofessional. A benefit to mixing and matching means that a home can simultaneously look modern and classic when done well.


Japandi is a portmanteau of Japan and Scandinavian. This style is a fusion of the two design ideas and embraces practicality and nature. Homes that follow this trend will have a neutral colour palette with contrasting colours, indoor plants (not flowers), and the removal of unnecessary accessories.


Modernity is one of those trends that follow time. What was modern 50 years ago, of course, does not represent today’s current trends. Today’s modern embraces glass to let natural light in and contemporary elements like exposed concrete blocks or painted concrete floors. This modern trend is popular due to its embrace of minimalism and effort to make those in the space feel calm and at ease.


In Japan, wabi-sabi is a worldview that is all about accepting imperfection. In this sense, it’s about seeing the beauty in flaws, creating a connection to the soil and being satisfied and delighted in the basic pleasures of life. It’s about being authentic in every aspect of life. Homes that take on a wabi-sabi style will use organic materials functionally (for furniture) or aesthetically (for ornamentation). There will be unique, one-of-a-kind, and often handmade decorations, a focus on antiques and vintage finds, and indoor gardens. This style reflects the continuing shift to sustainability and avoidance of single-use items.


Knowing the trends when it’s time to stage a home might not be the first thing on your mind. Your real estate professional will be well-versed in the current trends and will be able to offer suggestions as to what will work for each specific home.


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