How to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger- Royal LePage® Benchmark - Calgary

It’s not uncommon to find the spaces in your home starting to feel smaller and smaller the longer you live in the house. Sometimes even a large home will have the odd room that doesn’t size up to the rest, leaving you to wonder how to make use of it functionally while being aesthetically pleasing. It’s a known fact that the longer we live in one place, the more “stuff” we accumulate. Without notice, rooms start to slowly fill up with new pieces of decor we find on sale, a new piece of fitness equipment to keep us active during the winter, or bigger and newer furniture until one day we start to feel cramped and claustrophobic.

There are several tips and tricks to visually make a room appear larger than it really is, without compromising the purpose and functionality of the room. Following these suggestions will have you relaxed and loving your new spacious home again in no time!

Decluttering & Organizing

Less is more. Especially in a room without a lot of space. Remove knick-knacks or items that don’t serve a purpose or add to the style or atmosphere of the room. Limit your decor items to a couple of pieces that are focal points or accents. Only keep items in the room that make you happy or feel good. Be sure to leave some surfaces empty to allow the room to breathe.

Storage and organization are key. Hidden storage will always be your best friend, such as window seats and benches, ottomans, an entertainment centre with baskets, or coffee tables with drawers or cupboards. Just be aware of the floor space that these items take up.

Hanging the Curtains

Instead of hanging your curtains just above the window frame, hang them as high as you can, up to the crown moulding or close to the ceiling while allowing the bottoms to touch or sit just shy of the floor. These floor-to-ceiling drapes are similar to putting on a pair of high heels and will make the height of the room feel much taller than it is.

Choosing the Furniture

Proportions are important when it comes to furniture in a room. Avoid overstuffed or heavy-looking pieces. Keep a little space between the furniture and the walls to create a sense of roominess. Choose furniture with exposed legs that sit above the floor. The space under the furniture may need to be dusted and vacuumed more often, but it will help remove any heaviness or crowding while creating an airy and open feel to the room. This helps give the illusion of more space.

Picking the Paint Colours

Dark colours absorb light, while lighter colours reflect light. This is science 101 and is no different when it comes to painting your home. Use very light colours and whites, especially in rooms that don’t have windows or any natural lighting such as the bathroom or basement. For rooms with windows, adding a feature wall with a darker colour will actually create contrast, adding depth and the illusion of a longer or wider room.

Displaying Art on the Wall

When it comes to hanging art in a small room, consider one large piece instead of several smaller ones. If a gallery wall is what you want, keep it to one wall with smaller pieces. Leaving a wall or two empty in a room can help keep the room from feeling overwhelming and cluttered. Remember, less is more. Just because you have space on the walls doesn’t mean you need to fill them up!

Add a Mirror

Mirrors are fantastic for giving the illusion of a larger space! They are also ideal for bouncing light around a room and are a great addition to any room where natural light is lacking or limited. As well as reflecting light, mirrors also reflect their view and will trick the eye and mind into recognizing the space as bigger.

Start with one or two tips and see what a dramatic difference they can make to your space! Repaint your home in a soft white or light neutral, add a mirror here or there and instantly feel more flow and a sense of added space. Remember, keeping as much floor space open as possible will help make any room feel bigger!

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