Why a Home Inspection is Critical before Buying

Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions you are going to have to make. And when you may spend months looking for that place and believe you have found the ideal property, only to discover later, there are structural issues that could cost you a ton of money. One of the best ways to keep yourself protected is by ensuring a home inspection is done on a property before you put in an offer. People who fail to work with a REALTOR® often run into issues where they move into a home that is low-quality and dangerous. With the help of a professional Calgary REALTOR®, you can ensure that a certified home inspector investigates any properties you plan on buying before you move in.

Financial Protection

A home inspection is for your protection bottom line. If you don’t get a home inspection, you could end up having to pay thousands of dollars for repairs or damages that you didn’t see coming. A home could look good on the outside and perform fine for the first few months of living in it. Over time, however, issues may arise that were never resolved with the previous owners, costing you serious money.

Having a home inspection done also helps you figure out future property costs. After determining what repairs need to be made, you can assess whether it will be worth your time and money. The inspection will also be a critical part of your insurance negotiations. If an insurance company sees you have not taken the time to get a home inspection, they will be less likely to give you a favourable policy, as they can’t be sure that some underlying issues have not been fixed.


While the financial risks associated with neglecting to get a home inspection are important, you also need to remember your safety. As you will be living in your home, spending most of your time there, if it is not up to code or severe damage, your home can be dangerous. If you have young children or pets, you also need to consider their safety.

Whether it is loose floorboards, asbestos or black mould underneath floor tiling, you need to make sure a home inspection is done so that you can prevent any long-term health issues from arising. While you may not notice the dangers right after moving in, they will slowly creep up on you.

Negotiating Tool

A home inspection is also an incredible negotiating tool. If you find a property that you love, but it is a little over asking, and a home inspection reveals several issues, you can offer a lower price. Suppose you have suspicions about a particular home you are interested in. In that case, the Calgary REALTOR® you are working with can add in a clause that the offer is only final on the condition of a home inspection of the property.

Depending on the nature of the home and the sale price, your REALTOR® can help you work out the logistics. Even if it is the home of your dreams, sometimes it is not worth the hassle. Thankfully, a REALTOR® can lead you towards another home that will be just as good if not better.

Buying real estate in Calgary is an exciting process, but there are many steps along the way that must be taken carefully. Trying to navigate the buying waters unsupported or independently is a recipe for disaster. By working with a trained professional who knows the Calgary markets and homes for sale in your neighbourhood, you are sure to find a home or condo that is hassle-free and fits into your dream equation.

Ask a professional before your hire a Home Inspector

Given that you are about to spend $200 and up on a home inspection, it’s wise to be prepared, to listen and to observe. And if you have questions speak with one of our REALTORS® before you hire a home inspector.