Holiday Traditions

Celebrating a Tapestry of Holiday Traditions in December

With its chilly breeze and festive aura, December brings people from diverse backgrounds together to celebrate various holiday traditions. As communities draw together from different backgrounds, let’s explore the importance of inclusivity during this joyous season and how embracing the diversity of holiday traditions can create a more harmonious and connected community.

Understanding Cultural Significance

When fostering diversity, it’s crucial to understand the cultural significance behind different holiday traditions. Take the time to learn about the customs, rituals, and historical context of celebrations like Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and others. This knowledge forms the foundation for respectful engagement and appreciation. Social media is a great place to start as there is a diverse amount of influencers who are excited to share about their culture.

Open Communication

Encourage open communication within communities to share holiday traditions. Hosting intercultural events or casual gatherings where individuals can discuss their customs promotes a sense of unity. This dialogue helps dispel misconceptions and nurtures an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their unique traditions. Even if hosting is outside your wheelhouse, look at community calendars to see what events are happening in your area. If you’re able to attend, show up! Meet new people and engage in unique experiences.

Consideratate Decorations

Consider incorporating diverse holiday symbols and decorations when decorating public spaces or workplaces. Showcase a variety of festive elements, including menorahs, Christmas trees, and kinara candles, reflecting the multicultural tapestry of traditions celebrated in December. This visually inclusive environment welcomes all and acknowledges the beauty of diversity. In the workplace, reach out to co-workers or employees to be a part of the decorating committee and encourage them to reach into their own culture.

Organizing Inclusive Celebrations

Plan celebrations encompassing a spectrum of traditions, such as organizing potluck dinners featuring dishes from different cultures or hosting events that showcase diverse performances, such as dance, music, or storytelling. Inclusive celebrations allow people to share and take pride in their unique holiday customs.

Educational Initiatives

Advocate for educational initiatives that promote awareness and understanding of various holiday traditions. Workshops, presentations, or informative materials highlighting the significance of diverse celebrations can foster a more informed and appreciative community. If you are part of your local school board, that is the perfect place to pitch initiatives.

Respecting Different Schedules

Recognize that only some celebrate holidays in December, and some may follow different calendars. Acknowledge and respect alternative timelines, using inclusive language and greetings to accommodate various cultural observances that may fall outside the typical December festivities:

December 3-24 – Advent

December 7-15 – Hanukkah

December 16 – Las Posadas

December 22 – Winter Solstice/Yule

December 25 – Christmas

December 26-January 1 – Kwanzaa

Diverse Gift Giving

When exchanging gifts, be mindful of diverse preferences and traditions. Consider inclusive and universally appreciated gifts, such as non-religious winter-themed items or gift cards that allow individuals to choose things that align with their cultural practices. Additionally, there are several people, for a myriad of reasons, who don’t partake in alcohol. In the past, many people considered wine a “safe” gift when unsure what to get someone. Today, you could try something else, like a symbolic adoption of an endangered animal.

Volunteer Opportunities

Encourage participation in community service and volunteer opportunities during the holiday season. Doing so promotes a spirit of giving and provides a platform for people of different backgrounds to unite and support a common cause transcending cultural differences. Remember to include your family, as it is bound to create lasting memories.

Supporting Local Businesses

Promote diversity by supporting local businesses catering to various holiday traditions. Whether it’s a specialty bakery offering treats from different cultures or a shop selling handmade crafts representing diverse customs, choosing businesses that embrace inclusivity helps strengthen the local community.

Reflecting on Shared Values

Ultimately, the holidays are a time for reflection and the celebration of shared values such as love, kindness, and unity. Emphasize the common threads that connect us all, irrespective of religious or cultural differences, and use this season to build bridges and foster a sense of belonging for everyone.


In the spirit of inclusivity, December can become a celebration honouring the diverse traditions that make our communities a vibrant tapestry of cultures and stories. When weaving together the narratives of various holiday traditions, we create a tapestry of understanding, respect, and unity during this festive season.



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