5 Tips for Selling Your House in the Spring

Spring has sprung! The long-awaited season brings signs of new life as trees burst with new buds, the sound of singing birds fills the air, and pops of colour appear as tulips start to bloom. We begin to feel motivated and excited for a fresh start. Homeowners have a new burst of energy and start the annual spring cleaning of their homes. Garage sale signs start to pop up in neighbourhoods while Canadians start their deep clean, and look to get rid of unwanted items.

Or perhaps a fresh start for you is selling your home and moving into something new? Hibernating in our homes for the long winter months often has us noticing more things about our home that we wish were different. If the list of changes has become too long, it’s not uncommon to consider moving into another home that already has those changes and is move-in-ready. Springtime is when homeowners tend to act on these changes, making it a busy time of year for real estate.

If you have decided to sell your house in the spring, you may feel the competition heat up as other homeowners place “for sale” signs in their yards. Here are 5 great tips that will help make your home attractive to springtime buyers!

1. Add Color

Spring is the time of year everyone looks for colour and signs of life to cheer them up and bring them out of their winter blues. Add colour to your exterior by painting your front door and adding flowers to your front doorstep and garden. (Tip: The colour yellow is bright and cheerful and is known to help encourage sales) When it comes to the interior of your home, have vases with fresh tulips in the foyer for a warm welcome, as well as throughout the home for pops of cheer and colour.

2. Make Those Windows Sparkle

Just as you wouldn’t sell your car without washing it, be sure to hose down the exterior and clean those windows till they sparkle! This will help with first impressions and let the sunshine and natural light shine in your space! Natural light is proven to boost our mood, making brighter homes sell faster. Paying a professional window cleaner would be in your best interest when selling your home.

3. Add Curb Appeal

First impressions are a one-time deal. So make it count. Powerwash the exterior of the house to remove any dirt and grime. If the house looks dirty and unkempt on the outside, buyers may assume that the inside of the home will be in the same condition.
Landscaping should be meticulous. Buyers are happy to continue upkeep but shudder at the idea of a yard that needs to be re-landscaped or is high maintenance. Mow and edge the lawn, trim any shrubs or trees, and add some flowers to a garden or doorstep to make the home look welcoming.

4. Declutter and Spring Clean

The fewer items that are in the house, the bigger and more spacious it will appear to potential buyers, making them feel like they are getting good value in the home. Be sure to remove any personal items as this can make it hard for buyers to envision their own belongings in the home. A storage unit is a great resource if you need somewhere to store your items during the sale of the house.

Spring is a great time to sell your home as it’s the time of year that most homeowners do their big deep clean anyway! Scrub those cupboards, floors, and baseboards till they shine! How clean the house appears is how well buyers will think you have taken care of it. This can add value to your home in their eyes.

5. Complete all maintenance and repairs.

Buyers are visual and tend to focus on what they see. However, they also think about what could cost them money down the road as far as maintenance and repairs, so be sure to have any repairs done before listing the house. Check for any signs of water damage or cracks in the foundation from the winter and melting snow. Make sure the furnace, air conditioner and any appliances that require yearly maintenance are serviced.
Have records ready to show that the home has had regular maintenance over the years. This will show pride in ownership and ensure buyers that the home has been well taken care of.

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