Small repairs make a big difference 

Maintenance for homes is important but the small repairs will make a big difference as well.Often we overlook the little broken things in our home simply because we get used to them.  After we live with a broken part, like a cracked tile at our front door for a while, we tend not to see it.

The difference between maintenance and little fixes.

Ongoing maintenance is something all homeowners do annually.  Furnaces, air ducts, fire alarm testing, gutter cleaning, and even annual tree trimming would be an example of ongoing maintenance.Small repairs are the most overlooked as we tend to put them on the “do it next weekend” list.  Another factor is that these small repairs are not going to impact most people in their daily lives. Examples of these could be are, chipped paint on corners, loose handles on kitchen cabinets and trim or baseboard that has come loose.

Why bother doing the small repairs if it is not affecting our daily lives?

Given that we tend to overlook these small repairs they tend to show up when we go to sell our homes.  It is then that your agent will take a walk through your home.   If you do have maintenance or small repairs that need to be done it may be recommended to get out the tool kit and put in some sweat equity to maximize the value of your home.

Tackle the small repairs as an ongoing part of the overall maintenance of your home

It is simple to incorporate the little fixes into your life if you follow a maintenance schedule.  If you take on small repairs once a month for a couple of hours, you should have no trouble keeping up with that never-ending list!By doing a few things a month you are avoiding bigger, more costly repairs down the road!       

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