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Lessons from the Author of “Mentor and Me”

  The author of “Mentor and Me” is Alan Stewart of Royal LePage Sussex on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.  Allen is sharing his lessons about business in the new day we find ourselves in. Alan stresses the importance of sticking to the basics.  His wisdom is to teach the fundamentals of business.  Alan states that he has been accused of teaching rudimentary business practices, his question is always the same.  ” are you doing those basic, rudimentary business practices?”  He points out that it is better to keep it simple and effective to get it done rather than
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Small repairs make a big difference

Maintenance for homes is important but the small repairs will make a big difference as well. Often we overlook the little broken things in our home simply because we get used to them.  After we live with a broken part, like a cracked tile at our front door for a while, we tend not to see it. The difference between maintenance and little fixes. Ongoing maintenance is something all homeowners do annually.  Furnaces, air ducts, fire alarm testing, gutter cleaning, and even annual tree trimming would be an example of ongoing maintenance. Small repairs are the most overlooked as we
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First time home buyer pitfalls to avoid

How can you avoid the most common pitfalls of the first time home buyer?  It’s time, you are about to set out on the first time home buyer journey.  It is an exciting time, your dreams of home ownership are finally coming true.  It is, for many, the largest investment they will ever make. Pitfall #1 to avoid when you are a first time home buyer Your excited,  you and your spouse sit down together and open up the website and search all the options.  Houses, condos, duplexes.  Possible areas or school districts looking for the perfect place to
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