Decor Tips For Listing Your Calgary Condo

When listing your Calgary condo, you want to ensure it stands apart from the other condos for sale. Ask your Real Estate Agent if they have interior design experience. Many of them do and will be an immense help in decorating your space! Here are a few décor tips that anyone can do to make their condo listing appealing to as many buyers as possible!

Get Rid of Clutter

Condos have less space than a house, and it can be easy for a condo to look cluttered, even with a small number of items. Remove personal items and photos so that potential buyers are not distracted and can envision themselves with their belongings in the space. Fill moving boxes with big and small things not necessary for staging in the photos. Dig deep into the back of closets filled with miscellanea. Remove these items, leaving minimal items in closets to sell storage space.

Make a Statement

Even though the Calgary condo has gone through a deep purging, almost too extreme minimalism, it shouldn’t look sterile and unwelcoming. Consider what message you want to convey to potential buyers about the condo, and find a statement piece to help share that vision. Statement pieces like a small sand garden on a coffee table convey peace and relaxation. A bathroom counter that has artistically folded towels with artisan soaps also gives a relaxing atmosphere, even if the bathroom is a smaller room.

Lighting Matters

A room looks bigger and brighter with the proper lighting, and there’s no better lighting than natural. In addition to buying more lamps and replacing old bulbs with brighter ones, get rid of heavy drapes and blinds that cover the windows. To highlight that natural lighting, avoid covering those windows. Think sheer curtains that may seem more decorative than functional. If adding more lamps for staging, avoid bulky fixtures; you still want to show how much space the condo has, and slender floor lamps will provide the lighting without taking up too much space. Avoid light bulbs that take a while to fully light. Find LED lights that immediately show off the brightness of the room.


If your statement piece is a stunning piece of art, the wall it’s hanging on matters. Neutral colours will make any statement pop, but take care that it’s not too white. A solid white colour will remind potential buyers too much of a hospital or other industrial facilities. Paint your walls with creams, beiges, or even a blue-tinted shade. Not only will it make your Calgary condo look more spacious, but it will also ensure all added statement pieces become the room’s focal feature.


Furniture can make a condo feel less or more spacious, depending on the type and size. Large, bulky couches and chairs, while probably very comfortable, will take up space and give potential buyers the impression that the condo isn’t as big as it is. The solution may be to remove some of the furniture or replace it temporarily with better-suited sleek furniture.


While a rug often helps keep things warm and cozy, it is another space-stealing culprit. If the condo listing states that there is no carpet, but there are rugs in various rooms, it is wise to remove them while the home is for sale. A bare, wooden floor free of area rugs can make the room in the condo seem more spacious while adding better flow from one room to another.

Don’t forget when listing your Calgary condo to work with your real estate agent, especially one who is familiar with condo listings. These agents have the best insight into what potential buyers are looking for and will know how to make your condo attractive to those buyers!


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