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    Richard Hubbell

    Real Estate Professional

    I am a Calgary and surrounding area real estate agent who works with home buyers and sellers.
    My enthusiasm for helping others and provide them with quality best service possible was developed through my life experiences described below.
    Hockey developed in me a good work ethic and an understanding of working as a team. My hockey experience, from tyke to junior, has led to my becoming a goal tending instructor where the objective is to help others reach their goals.
    I attended Olds College and earned a Business Diploma.
    My father, now retired, was a real estate lawyer and property developer and builder constructing condominiums, single family houses and warehouses. I developed my interest and passion for real estate by working for my father.
    I recently purchased a home. My interaction with the seller’s realtor reinforced my appreciation that a realtor be honest, informative and dedicated.
    All the accomplishments in my life helps me connect with my clients and assist them in reaching their real estate goals.

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    (403) 253-1901