Lorne Deschamps
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    Lorne Deschamps

    Real Estate Professional

    I was born in Eastern Canada, I grew up in a farming community and worked on farms all of my teenage life, then attended school, college, then settled and had a family. After many years of exploring the self-employed workforce as well as working for Orica explosives for many years, I then attended the real estate college in Montreal and started in real estate and then opened my own Royal Le Page office in the Laurentians . All of the choices that were made were leading me to the career of my choice as the go to broker for Dairy Farms, and being known as the Ranchman in Quebec, my dream was to become the Ranchman in Alberta. I moved to Alberta and began working on a Ranch to become very informed with hands-on experience in the beef industry. Now that I have that knowledge, I am ready to serve my clients in a manner that they deserve to have. I have 15 years experience in the farming industry on a professional level as well as the hands-on life experience from a very young age.

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    (403) 253-1901