Cesar Amaya

    Cesar Amaya

    Real Estate Professional

    “I am a family man, a tough negotiator and my goal is always to fulfill my clients wishes”

    For over 20 years my passion has been to help clients fulfill their dreams of owning, building, or moving into the house of their dreams. What a ride! My clients have come from many different cultures, nationalities, and socioeconomic situations. It has been an honor to serve them in one of the most important endeavors and transactions of their lives: Building, buying or selling a home! I’ve been honored to have been involved in over a thousand projects and transactions for all kinds of families, companies, and individuals. They’ve invited me to their offices and living rooms. I’ve met with them in coffee shops, restaurants, and picnic tables in all parts of our beautiful city. Whether a luxury home, a multifamily project, or a modest property to call home, it has been an honor to have been invited into their lives to help them successfully complete such important projects and transactions.

    Being at the forefront of a successful Residential Design company along with venturing into real estate, has kept me pretty busy! Many of our clients return when they need help with another project and become long time business relationships. My strategies for achieving desired results on each transaction revolve around my core values which are: Listening, Contributing, and Performing. Listening to my client’s needs, contributing expert input and advice, and performing my duties to the highest level of professionalism.  One of the things I’m most proud of is the contagious, organic growth that comes from treating each and every one of my clients with the utmost respect, empathy, and consideration.

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